About Sanar 

Around the globe, gender-based violence impacts the lives of hundreds of thousands of people including women, girls, men, and boys as well as individuals who don’t conform to conventional gender role norms.  Service provision that addresses the immediate needs of victims of gender-based violence has continued to emerge as a response to these issues. However, there is a prevailing deficit of long-term, therapeutic  options for survivors of gender-based violence.

Sanar, meaning “to heal” in Spanish, addresses this global service gap by establishing itself as one of the first agencies to move beyond  crisis interventions  by focusing on long-term healing for survivors. Sanar offers holistic wellness services to support survivors in processing trauma while providing tools aimed at preventing future incidences of violence through the Resiliency Initiative. Through transformative, evidence-based, therapeutic supports, survivors learn to adopt resiliency and self-empowerment practices throughout their journeys towards healing. Each of Sanar’s programs has been carefully designed with mental health clinicians, victim service providers, and survivors to ensure services holistically address the unique trauma and experiences of each individual accessing support.

Sanar supports survivors in the greater New York City area in a peaceful and compassionate environment in Newark, New Jersey. A short train ride from New York City, Newark is the second most populous city in this region and provides a compelling setting with a community that is creative, nurturing and forward-thinking.

Sanar's Co-founders 

The Sanar Wellness Institute was founded in 2015 by Kate Keisel-Caballero, Gabriela Celeiro, and Jenna Pannepacker.  

These three trailblazers were committed to building a new kind of non-profit organization that supports all survivors in meeting their full potential.  Through their combined expertise in backgrounds from the public and private sectors, they blended their unique talents to empower individuals from all walks of life.   

The Sanar co-founders firmly believe that all individuals that have experienced trauma should have access to the resources and services to create a live of their choosing.