Creative Expressions 

Sanar’s Expressive Arts and Music Program supplements the direct psychotherapy interventions as a creative outlet for survivors to express themselves. The opportunity to freely create and express oneself through various art mediums is important for victims who have experienced trauma. Expressive art therapy sessions play a fundamental role in a survivor’s road to recovery. 

The Creative Expressions program uses small group formats in each of the following artistic genres to encourage expressive arts therapy. Many of the groups in the Creative Expressions program are led by visiting, teaching artists and include:

Creative Connections.jpg

Expressive Arts 

Oftentimes, survivors who have experienced on-going trauma or severe situations do not have the opportunity to exercise control over their own creative or expressive passions; thus their creative talents may have been stunted by their experiences. Artistic outlets allow individuals who have experienced violence to process their trauma and build self-esteem while engaging in creative exploration.

Expressive Arts Modalities Utilized at Sanar Include:

  • Dance
  • Theate
  • Visual Arts
  • Photography
  • Mixed Media
  • Poetry

Music Expression 

The arts have proven to be an effective and accessible medium for survivors to move through traumatic experiences while developing and actualizing positive paths for their future. The arts also allow survivors to tell stories that they ascertain are important, expanding both their individual and collective narratives of what it means to survive gender-based violence. 

Musical Expression Modalities Utilized at Sanar Include:

  • Piano 
  • Music
  • Vocals
  • Spoken Word
  • Composing 
  • Lyric Writing