Julie Rae Rosen is a well-known figure in community-based art circles in Philadelphia and beyond. For eight years, she held a number of high-level positions with the critically acclaimed Village of Arts and Humanities in North Philadelphia, a program that brought children, teens, and other community members together through visual and performing arts projects which combined skill acquisition and community development in a unique and highly effective manner and has been emulated by similar programs throughout the world. Following her participation at the Village, Ms. Rosen participated in a wide range of community-based art initiatives, ranging from the development and implementation of programs for children and teens through the highly acclaimed Spiral Q Puppet Theater to the use of art as a way of healing with groups of varied ages in homelessness shelters and refugee programs.  Additionally, for the past several years, Ms. Rosen has developed and implemented the Freedom Gallery for Girls, which is an arts-based program designed to bring awareness to and raise funding for girls and women ensnared in sex trafficking. Most recently, Ms. Rosen has undertaken a full-time position in a public school in an undeserved area of Philadelphia.

Ms. Rosen earned her Bachelor of Arts degree from Cornell University in 1989 and a Masters of Art Education degree from the University of The Arts in 1998.