Sanar's Mural | By Sophia Lane, Director of Training and Consultation Services and Artist Extraordinaire

If you’ve had the opportunity to visit our Newark space, then you’ve seen the mural installed on the south wall of our yoga and meditation studio. I created this mural for Sanar after spending time with co-founders Kate, Gabby and Jenna to learn about their intentions for the Sanar space.

I wanted to depict some of the various themes that are apparent in the work of Sanar and sketched different images across the panels that would tie together through color themes and style. The mural is an acrylic on six, large, 100% cotton, canvas panels that, when combined, measure 13 x 8.5 feet with artistic styles including color-blocking and mosaic.  The largest piece of the mural in the center depicts two hands offering a gift of the world on a bed of lotus flowers against a bright, golden backdrop. Here, the lotus flowers represent beauty and strength while the earth represents the far-reaching impact that thoughtful, therapeutic services can have. The earth image also brings the world home to the Sanar space, keeping all of us grounded and inspired as we focus on vital international themes through our work while encouraging international survivors.

The panel to the right of the earth reveals four figures in four different colors depicting the seasons: a stretching yoga silhouette in vibrant orange for the autumn, a sitting meditation silhouette in calming blue for the summer, a relaxing restorative yoga pose in purple for the winter, and a leaping dance movement in refreshing green for the spring.

As you look to the left of the earth image, there are two parts. The top section is a representation of the Hamsa Hand  with the depiction of an eye at its center. Universally, the Hamsa Hand is a protective symbol and brings its owner happiness, health and good fortune, all characteristics of sustainability that I wanted to bring to the Sanar space. Below the Hamsa Hand is a color-blocked geometric, rainbow design which represents Sanar's inclusive commitment to the LGBTQIAA community in the fiber of the Sanar Wellness Institute as well as Sanar’s solidarity with the LGBT movement.