Staff Wellness 

Sanar specializes in providing trauma-informed support to professionals who may be exposed to primary or secondary trauma and other stressors throughout the course of their everyday work.  These might be through direct face to face work with survivors, visual or audio stimuli of trauma, or even working within a team that is impacted by vicarious trauma.

We take a holistic approach in addressing the complexities of secondary trauma and compassion fatigue that impacts countless professionals throughout allied victim service agencies today.  Sanar has identified best practices that reduce the impact of secondary trauma and work-related stressors for professionals.  We focus on reducing burn-out and managing trauma-related symptoms while proactively building an organizational culture that can reduce the impact of trauma on staff.

Mobile Staff Support Sessions 

Offer customized staff support to assist in managing vicarious trauma and supporting a healthy work/life balance.  

Organizational Wellness Assessments 

Identify wellness needs of your staff  through a comprehensive assessment of current practices practices.

Wellness Solutions for Organization

Learn how to build customized wellness solutions for your organization for create a productive and fulfilling work place.