Sanar's Core Values

The Sanar Wellness Institute utilizes our core values to guide all of our work with survivors, partners, and communities.  These values are more than just a list of characteristics, they are the foundation of the organizational culture. 


Honoring Individuals 

At Sanar, YOU matter.  We respect, honor, and celebrate diversity, both within Sanar, and in the communities it serves. Sanar believes that each individual can participate in their own self-actualization and contribute to social change, when we honor and recognize their unique strengths, journey and aspirations. 

Creative Intention 

We can only dream as far as we can see.  At Sanar, we strive to engage creativity and imagination to expand the horizons of our staff, participants and community.  We encourage the use of creative expression and play as intentional tools to heal and provide platforms for diverse expression. 

Transformative Growth  

Growing to new heights first requires growth within one’s self.   We prioritize transformation both within oneself and in the wellness-based services Sanar offers in local and international communities.  Sanar works to support each individual on their unique life journey.

Integrity and Respect  

A strong foundation leads to a lasting foundation.  Sanar is firmly grounded approaching all work, and anyone with whom we collaborate, with the utmost respect. We hold the organization to the highest ethical standards that are informed by Sanar's wellness-based mission and vision. 

Justice and Equality  

Inspired action creates real change. Sanar is firmly oriented in social justice and equality, acknowledging the impact of systemic oppression on our society today.  We strive to provide critical wellness support for individuals and communities that have been impacted by oppression while working towards equal access to opportunities within our society at large.