Sanar's 2017 Resiliency Campaign

The Sanar Wellness Institute is dedicated to supporting women and girls in their journey to create empowered lives free of violence. This year, we are asking the community not only to raise awareness about gender-based violence, but to highlight the resiliency of women and girls that have overcome past trauma.  Sanar has chosen to run its campaign during the 16 days of activism against gender-based violence in solidarity with organizations around the globe that believe Together We Can End Gender-Based Violence.

Follow the journey of a young woman on her journey towards healing at the Sanar Wellness Institute. 

Like many clients at Sanar, Sara experienced ongoing violence throughout her life including childhood sexual abuse and human trafficking. When Sara came to Sanar, she was able to work with dedicated staff to help her move beyond the trauma of her past and build an empowered life of her choosing.  

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Give now to support survivors like Sara to ensure ALL women and girls have access to services that allow them to build empowered lives free of violence. 

Activate YOUR community during Sanar's 16 Day Campaign by:

Sharing Sanar's Campaign and Sara's Story on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter
Sharing the United Nation's Leave No One Behind: End Violence Against Women Action Plan
Raising Awareness in Your Community About Gender-Based Violence