Sanar's Wellness Center

Our Wellness Center offers  holistic services to survivors of gender-based violence including:

  • Human Trafficking
  • Sexual Violence
  • Intimate Partner Violence
  • Individuals who have been marginalized based on LGBTQIIA identification or expression.  

Sanar supports survivors in a nurturing and safe space with services designed to help each individual move beyond surviving to a life that is truly thriving.

Sanar's cutting edge trauma-specific services move beyond crisis intervention, providing unique, long-term healing services for survivors. In addition to theraputic support, survivors have access to diverse trauma-sensitive services that allow each individual to create their own path to healing. Using evidence-based practices, Sanar supports survivors in processing trauma while integrating coping skills that can reduce symptom of PTSD, anxiety, and depression.    

Learn about the Wellness Center's Human Trafficking Recovery and Assistance Program HERE


Trauma-informed therapeutic support that incorporates grounding skills, sets the stage for fostering resiliency, and is vital to any long-term sustainable goals.

Sanar’s therapeutic support includes: Restorative Yoga, Expressive Arts Therapy, Mindfulness and Sensory-Based Practices (Breathing techniques, Aromatherapy, Animal-Assisted Therapy, and Mindfulness techniques).

Restorative Support

A vital part of healing from trauma-related symptoms is learning ways to feel safe in the present moment.

 Sanar’s restorative interventions integrate yoga, mindfulness, and meditation as a mean of reducing trauma-related symptoms and increasing resiliency. All restorative sessions are held in Sanar’s yoga studio and incorporate aromatherapy and breath-work. 

Creative Expressions

Sanar’s Expressive Arts and music programs supplement the direct psychotherapy interventions as a creative outlet for survivors to express themselves.

The opportunity to freely create and express oneself through various art mediums is important for survivors who have experienced trauma. Expressive art and music therapy play a fundamental role in a survivor’s road to recovery.