Restorative supports

The following therapeutic interventions have been recognized as best practices by researchers to help trauma survivors build healthy lives and regain a sense of control. Yoga, along with the other sensory-based restorative activities offered at Sanar, incorporate critical grounding techniques and other practical coping mechanisms that support survivors in reducing trauma-related symptoms while on their road to recovery.  


Trauma-Sensitive Yoga

Yoga, is a promising treatment and a companion therapy for addressing the cognitive, emotional, and physiological symptoms associated with PTSD.  Sanar provides mindfulness and therapeutic yoga through individual and group sessions. Survivors have reported that yoga provides practical skills that reduce stress during their healing process. 

At Sanar, we develop individualizes trauma-sensitive yoga series incorporating restorative poses that specifically address the symptoms each survivors is experiencing.  Click HERE for a list of calming yoga poses. 

Mindfulness Practice 

Mindfulness-based interventions teach survivors mindfulness skills that they can practice on their own. Such skills help them to focus their attention on their experience in the present moment in a nonjudgmental or accepting way rather than dwelling on the past or future.

A recent study from the renowned trauma researcher Bessel van der Kolk, confirms that mind-body-breath work allows trauma survivors to redirect any anxious or negative thoughts and to reconnect with the present moment, while forming new neuropathways that significantly reduce trauma symptoms such as anxiety, dissociation, and depression.


Aromatherapy encourages the healing process by providing an atmosphere that is conducive for relaxation, breathing techniques, and sensory engagement; all resulting in a reduction of anxiety and stress-related symptoms.

Essential oil is used during counseling sessions as a therapeutic, calming tool. Particular scents induce a calming atmosphere in which participants are allowed to focus on their breathing and create positive, healing associations. The Sanar office also uses essential oil diffusers, particular lavender scents, throughout the office. Survivors often associate the calming scent of the essential oils with being in the Sanar space and report that as soon as they walk in the door and smell the oils, they are immediately more relaxed.